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Retrain Your Brain – Mood Food Feedback

We have been busy the last few months out and about delivering various group work sessions which has been great as we have met lots of new people and have been blessed to spend time with people who are keen to make lifestyle changes which will enhance their emotional and physical wellbeing.

As we know it takes courage to take the first step to make any change, as human beings as painful as our emotional distress can be, unconsciously we can also feel safe within our discomfort , as there can be familiarity and comfort in the very discomfort that challenges us!

So changing thoughts feeling and behaviours takes courage, commitment and a good understanding of ourselves and our habitual patterns. This can be challenging when we first decide to make changes or indeed when our emotional distress becomes too much that we have no option but to address the issues in our life. Experiential learning about ourselves can enable us to take back ownership and responsibility for our own emotional and physical wellbeing as we are our own best teachers. When we increase our self-awareness and implement a new way of being this can enable us to connect, challenge and change our negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The Therapeutic sessions we provide are experiential and interactive. This format of learning enables you to truly connect to your own specific individual experiences in a safe nurturing environment which provides a holistic approach and psychoeducational tools to empower you to make positive lifestyle changes.

Below is some feedback from our Retrain Your Brain – Mood Food & our Retrain Your Brain Bite Size Sessions.

Retrain Your Brain – Mood Food

Our three day workshop which is spread over a six week period  does take commitment and time but the feedback so far has been that participants wished the sessions were even longer! Which is great feedback for us.

Here is one of our lovely Participants discussing her experience

Below is some feedback from our sessions

“This workshop is different as when you go on a course you don’t always get involved. This course has made me look at myself and my health. I can now say I know what I am doing wrong and can fix it with work we have done on the course. You don’t always get a chance to think about your own feelings and behaviours, but this course makes you think and helps you to do things to change your lifestyle”

 “It`s a good course to help you learn tools to be able to cope without using food as a comfort / coping mechanism”

 “It`s made me slow down and look at my thoughts and feelings before I start on the automatic behaviour. It helped me identify how I was feeling and why I am using food to comfort and soothe. It has helped me stop some automatic behaviours and change my reactions to stress and difficult situations”

 “I have a better understanding on how food effects my mood, but more so I know it is a journey now and will take time”

 “This course was explained in detail, the presenters were able to share their journey. To which clients could relate and share our experience, honesty is the best policy to get through the group…. It helps you let go and get a better understanding of why and how you feel low. My mindset has changed about how I look at food, moods, wellbeing. ”

  “It was completely about the individual and what would help each one of us. Dieting was not talked about it was healthy eating”

 “I have been to every slimming club that was invented and gained more from these three sessions about healthy eating. The group were lovely. The presenters were just great and treated us as individuals. I would recommend this course really highly. Thank you so so much Valerie & Claire” 

Retrain Your Brain – Mood Food Bite Size Sessions

Our Bite Size Session has been developed as we were approached by an organisation who were really interested in our Retrain Your Brain – Mood Food sessions for their staff teams, although they felt their staff would be unable to commit to three full days. After discussions with the organisations Health and Wellbeing chairperson we provided bespoke sessions, which were half day sessions.

 Below is some feedback from the sessions we provided

“It has made me think about what I am putting in my body and giving my children. Whether food could directly correlate with mood and anxiety. Nobody has explained that we may have learned these patterns early on. The course is new and exciting. I want more”

“Focus thinking – not attended anything CBT before”

 “provides food for thought (Sorry) regarding eating and wellbeing issues”

Gave me plenty to think about very informative

 “It was different as it was interactive which I like. It has made me think more about how what I am eating effects my feelings and has encouraged me to make better choices”

 “Interesting and thought provoking”

“It was simple to understand”

 “Although I am already aware of what I should do, I now feel that I need to look more at the reasons and how to change those habits

 “Bite size is a great starter but would like more sessions”

 “This was just a taster the CBT element would be very useful”

“Allowed the ability to realise issues and problems I have within myself, made me excited to actually, “check in” with myself and my thoughts, feelings and emotions!”

 “Addresses relevant issues”

“Food for thought – Pardon the pun”

 “It really made me think about my relationship with food”

“I`m intrigued to find out more. I think I will be contacting you to see if we can learn more. Thank you for coming. It was very interesting and eager to learn more”

 “It provides a nice insight into the thought process/learned behaviours behind eating”

  “I found it informative and valuable”

 “Fun and informative”

  “Course was extremely interactive and useful. Allowed me to look into myself and the issues I have.100% thought the course was useful and made as informal and adaptable as possible – Thank you so much!”


Retrain Your Brain – Workshop Dates



We are excited to be delivering our Retrain Your Brain workshop in our new home in Kilmarnock. It would be lovely if you could join us.

The workshop is over three separate days spread over a six-week period to enable you to develop and learn a new way of being in YOUR relationship with food. The workshop has a maximum of eight attendees and incorporates Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Nutrition. CBT focuses on how our thoughts and beliefs affects our feelings and behaviour. CBT also teaches us new skills for different issues we have in our lives. Nutrition helps us to understand how to fuel our mind and bodies in a positive way.



Our aim is to provide you with a safe nurturing environment which enables you to connect, challenge and change the negative relationship you currently have with food.  The workshop provides experiential learning specific to you and your thoughts and feelings and ultimately our aim is to support you to regain ownership and responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

Please visit our Retrain Your Brain Page for more information. We have limited places available please get in contact to book your place.



Be the Change

How’s the dreaded new year “DIET” going? we dread the word “DIET” because for too many of us it represents suffering, heartache and a merry go round of emotional pain and self-denial, when we know from the get-go a diet is setting us up to fail because they are unsustainable in the long term.  Yet habitually every New Year and Summer time we dust off our “DIET” books and menu plans…and before we even question why we are back here again in the same miserable position or even worse than when we started. We get back on the merry go round and off we go again!

At Dynamic Diamond we believe in life change. By this we mean we all have the capacity to change but we all know as individuals we struggle to make changes. This is not because we can’t, it’s because we haven’t been given the right tools to make the changes. We specialise in working with both your body and mind. Very few people we meet, who are on the merry go round are on it because they are hungry! Although many people constantly tell us “I know what I should be eating” so why are you struggling to implement change because surely once we know what we should be doing we should be sorted?  If it was only that easy!

Change is complex and we totally understand how difficult it is maintaining new ways of being. Work with us and we can provide you with the tools for you to make life changes which are sustainable and specific to you and your individual lifestyle. We will enable and empower you to be your very own life changer. We do not want you to be our merry go round client who we meet seasonally! We want you to work with us to take back ownership and responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.  We will support you to achieve your specific individual goals to ensure both your body and mind are ready to be your very own life changer!

Please look over our website to learn more about Our Retrain YOUR Brain – Mood Food and other specific therapeutic workshops we provide and the individual Therapeutic & Nutritional Support we provide. Please get in touch for a chat

New Beginnings – Confidently YOU!

Our New Begiinings – Confidently YOU workshop is developed to support women to gain a better understanding of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The workshop enables you to have time just for YOU! Sometimes we can forget about ourselves as we are so busy helping, sorting, planning and taking care of others emotional needs we forget how important we really are.

The workshop is about you and for YOU! As women we can spend so much of our time and money on how we look, attending to our physical appearance. Our makeup, hair, nails and  fake tan can indeed be the mask we hide behind because we are so unsure of who we are or who we were really meant to be before life happened to us!

At times when our confidence is low, or life has been tough not only are we more susceptible to low mood, but we can also develop symptoms of anxiety and depression which then impacts on other areas of our lives.

The 3 Key Elements the workshop will focus on are

Self Awareness

Self Esteem

Thinking Styles

The workshop will provide tools to enable you to gain a better understanding of YOU. Once we make sense of our thought’s feelings and behaviours, it helps us make sense of our world. Which then enables us to feel better about ourselves and empowers us to be the best we can be!

The 3 Key Elements which the workshop will provide will be to –

Enhance your mood

Raise your awareness of your Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours

Ensure you have FUN and time just YOU!

The workshop is facilitated by a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and a Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor. The learning style we provide is experiential and is individual to you and what you need from the workshop.

This is YOUR time for you to invest in …. because YOU are so worth it!

To book your place  please contact 07988734581 or Email info@dynamicdiamond.co.uk

Retrain YOUR Brain – Mood Food Experience

Feedback from Retrain YOUR Brain – Mood Food Workshop

We would like to share some feedback from one of the participants who recently attended our workshop. We are delighted our time together has enabled this lovely lady to make positive changes in her life. Developing the workshop to ensure it empowers change and enables those who attend, to take back Ownership and Responsiblity for their own wellbeing, has been a real labour of love for us…… Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!

“Having been to numerous group/classes and tried everything from hypnotherapy to shakes. In desperate measures to control my weight issue. My weight has fluctuated all my adult life depending on what challenges I was going through. I seen an advert for “Retrain your Brain “which intrigued me as the concept of the course incorporated, how we eat and how it connects to thoughts and emotions. I decided to go on this course which was 3 days committed to understanding the links between our behaviours and food.

I was surprised at how much the course entailed. The information taught provoked my thinking on how, when and why I eat. The course is about our individual lifestyle and our patterns created from our life experience this affecting our thoughts and beliefs around food. During the course I learned my triggers to why I emotionally eat, habits, challenging thoughts and most of all how I could make small changes that would impact on my lifestyle and health. This involved a structured way in setting goals and how I could make changes and achieve them. Within the first week it was emotionally challenging as it was about facing why I sabotage myself and understanding why I choose to eat or drink certain foods and not opt for healthier options.

The course is well structured with professional advice and support. This is a lifestyle change that has helped me sleep better, eat healthy which has raised my energy levels. My confidence and self-belief that I am in control and have tools that help me daily to meet the challenges that can present in daily life. This is reinforced with knowledge I have been taught, bringing together evidence-based food information and getting rid of “what should I eat?” confusion from media/diet plans and myths around food.

I didn’t realise how food can impact on your mood. Having anxiety and depression for years I hadn’t realised I was contributing to these with what I was eating and drinking. I learned how I could make small changes which I have implemented to help alleviate my symptoms. The course has taught me the link between mental health and food. This has allowed me to shed weight naturally without focusing on the number on the scales. My clothes are looser, and I feel so much better within myself. I am realising I have mental clarity and feeling de-stressed as the food knowledge has helped overall with my mental wellbeing.

This course has been so much more than I expected it has taught me so much about myself and my habits. It has helped me also personally and professionally set goals in other areas of my life to make positive changes. I feel I have regained structure in my life that has a beneficial effect on my family.

Having felt like I failed in the past with many “diets” plans having done so many the information became obscured and I realise I didn’t know what to eat to be healthy and fuel my body. At Retrain your Brain I was made to feel so welcome and accepted, as they get to understand your own individual needs they tailor the course in such a way that it is personal to you and support you with knowledge and guidance, teaching you about lifelong lifestyle changes that help you live your best life feeling positive about the future.”

Please visit our Events Section for further details about our Retrain YOUR Brain – Mood Food Workshops

Inspirationally YOU!



Sea – Someone Else`s Addiction

We have been fortunate to spend time with the lovely women at Someone Else`s Addiction (SEA) delivering two of our workshops.

SEA is an amazing community group which provides much needed emotional and practical support to family members affected by a loved one`s addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling. Julie Biggley and the team of volunteers at SEA have worked tirelessly over the last couple of years to ensure the group continues to provide this much needed support throughout Ayrshire. The group has faced many challenges and indeed were without a solid base until recently. A local businessman has very kindly offered the group, their current premises rent free in Kilmarnock for a year. The group have turned the empty premises into a warm and nurturing environment. Where there is always a warm welcome and a cheery smile to ensure you feel supported.

Over two days we delivered our Confidently YOU and Inspirationally YOU workshops – both contain many valuable tools and lessons on the importance of self-care and valuing YOU as the beautiful individual you are. We used Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tools throughout our two days together to enable and empower the women to reconnect to the strength and value they have within themselves.

We used guided discovery to enable the women to share their thoughts and feelings around many experiences and challenges they have faced and overcome. We were in total awe of the strength of the women and the resilience they have shown throughout many ongoing challenges and especially during times of loss and bereavement of family members. Experiences of Anxiety, Depression and Isolation were discussed throughout our time together and the group provided support and validation for everyone’s experience, which was just lovely to see the women support each other.  We worked alongside the women to provide a nurturing environment and used experiential learning to enable them to gain a better understanding around our Thoughts Feelings and Behaviours and discussed environmental factors which impact our mood. This helped to empower the women to discuss their individual aspirations for the future and to enable them to implement plans for the changes they wish to make in their life’s.  Working over the two days we were able to support the women to reconnect with their SPARKLE! (Which each one had in abundance!)

Here at Dynamic Diamond we would like to thank the women for their time, trust. openness and fun. Although we covered some tough stuff and deep heart break, our two days were filled with kindness, care  and compassion from everyone who attended.

THANK YOU Ladies YOU truly were Inspirational.x


Thank You!

Well our Back to Basics Mood Food Event is done and dusted! What set out as an idea 7 weeks ago came to fruition on Sunday afternoon at the lovely Foxbar hotel in Kilmarnock. The event was great we have had lots of lovely feedback, but most importantly we have built positive relationships and connected people within the community, which was our main aim.

The big Positive from everyone yesterday was the friendly and welcoming environment, which as we all know if that’s not your core foundation you will have nothing to build on. So, we are delighted people felt we had created a nice space for them to spend their time in. The businesses involved were invited along as we ourselves, had spent time with each individual business, getting to know them over the last few weeks.  Each one who supported us and came to the event are extremely passionate about the services they provide, and the products they promote. This was evident throughout the day, they were engaging, informative, genuine and good fun which helped to create a lovely atmosphere.

Here at Dynamic Diamond we are constantly learning and reflecting on all we do. We are so thankful for the event as we have learnt lots which will enable us to develop further ideas for our future events. Over the coming weeks we will be having a good blether with all involved about our next adventure together and using all the lessons we have learned so more exciting times ahead!

Thanks again to all who came along yesterday, we really appreciate your support. Also, a big thank you to the businesses involved yesterday for your time, trust and support over our time together, and especially in the last week your care and kindness has been very much appreciated.

 Some Feedback from the Event

“A very informative day with loads of good stalls”

“Great day and class massage”

“Good samples, Great prizes, friendly, welcoming faces”

“Lovely wee afternoon meeting local businesses promoting services and products to enhance wellbeing. Some really great people coming along to see what`s there in their local community”

“Really enjoyed today, I`m not great at these events as am quite shy but everyone was really friendly and helpful. It was great to see what`s on offer”

“Great event great variety of businesses and a fabulous learning curve. Well organised well done!”

“An amazing local event to bring awareness to health and fitness from the inside out. Beautiful approach to serve the local area”

“Lovely atmosphere, relaxed! Spoke with a few of the stall holders got great advice, will be booking a few appointments”

“Had a good day out. Got myself into yoga! Won a voucher, got an insight into the indoor Market and how they get the fruit and veg”

” Good day! Helpful information about all the companies”

“Great afternoon, I enjoyed my massage and chatted with a few interesting people”

“Great day met lovely people”



Sunday 18th November 2018


Back to Basics – Mood Food Event

The event will showcase a range of local businesses which provide a wealth of experience in Health & Wellbeing.

We have organised this event, to support people to make positive changes in their life’s. It can be difficult to access fitness and wellbeing when you have not been before or indeed you may have struggled to find the right place or the person suitable to your individual needs. Also, when we know we need to make change but for many reasons we don’t implement it. This can have a huge impact on our mood and our confidence, which then becomes a further barrier that stops us trying new things.

Here at Dynamic Diamond we have spent time over the last month or so going out and about getting to know what is in the local area. We have met some really hard-working folk who are all trying really hard to make a difference to the lives of the people they work with. There is a wealth of knowledge within our local area and we are looking forward to Sunday for everyone to share their skills and knowledge with you. The Event will also provide an opportunity for you to meet, chat, and sample some of the products on offer to help you make informed choices about the changes you would like to make.

We will also have the opportunity to tell you about the wide range of services we provide, to help you make positive changes in all aspects of your Emotional and Physical Wellbeing. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Back to Basics – Mood Food Event

Jule Biggley – SEA Kilmarnock

We support families from all over Ayrshire, dealing with the consequences of someone else’s battle with addiction. We help by bringing them together, letting them know they have someone to turn to, and by helping them navigate the maze of services available.



The warm welcome, kettle always on. Your listened to. Good advice given. The support and confidence you get from the group is priceless. I thank my lucky stars i found this group.”