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Peaky Minders is a Psychoeducational Workshop for men, which provides specific emotional wellbeing tools. The session is 2.5 hours and incorporates experiential learning – Maximum 8 Participants.

The aim of the session is to provide participants with tools to gain a better understanding of their thoughts, feeling & behaviours which may be negatively impacting on their day to day life.

The session will provide support around anxiety, depression & nutrition to ensure participants fuel their mind & body to implement positive change specific to their individual requirement.

What our participants say –

“Great day, amazing and informative” “Very interesting and got a lot of knowledge of mental health.”

“Valerie & Claire are brilliant & they have a message for the masses” “Good information on topics, found new things I didn’t know” “Good to talk in a group and to hear and discuss
others issues/same issues.”

“Would recommend very helpful” “I thought it was very good and you learn a lot more and very helpful.”

“It was good to know that I am not the only man who feels depressed some times and I appreciate the time the girls took to talk to us. Thank you.”