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About Our Workshops

“I am not, the person I thought I was. I am stronger than I thought. These lovely lassies have made me feel better for myself.”

We provide specialised workshops which incorporate Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Nutrition, Well-being and most importantly good old-fashioned fun which is threaded throughout our sessions. Our workshops are experiential and are tailored to incorporate each individual learning style and are delivered at a level and pace suitable to each participant. We have adapted a number of our workshops which can now be delivered online.



The core aim of all our workshops is to raise participants awareness of their own emotional well being and to enable and empower them to make sense of their Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours and implement positive changes in their current lifestyles.


Our sessions are facilitated by a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and a Nutritional adviser. Each workshop provides a bespoke session for the specific group we are working with. We provide a Therapeutic approach and Psycho-educational tools to promote emotional well-being specifically around anxiety and depression this approach is threaded throughout all our workshops.



Our sessions are delivered in a fun and nurturing environment to ensure each participant feels comfortable within the setting provided and incorporates holistic self-care to enable participant to develop a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.



Our workshops range from sensory sessions which include making bath bombs, cupcakes, candle making to more structured sessions and all incorporate tools to enhance emotional & nutritional well being, self-esteem, confidence, social skills, and reduce social isolation.

We believe our workshops provide exceptional value. The sessions provide Specialised Therapeutic Support and provides participants with Psycho-educational tools and materials.

If you would like more information or indeed like us to come along for a chat to tell you more about us and the diverse range of services we provide, please get in touch and we can hopefully get a visit arranged.