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Emotional Eating

Is emotional eating part of your life, do you soothe your negative thoughts and feelings through seeking comfort in food. It can be such a lonely experience once we get into the cycle of using food to medicate our emotional pain. Not only do we have the initial emotional pain, but we can also add guilt, blame and shame to this behaviour which we use to find comfort in and this them adds to our suffering and so the cycle begins.

As human beings we are so good at avoiding negative feelings that we respond and adapt to avoidance behaviours very quickly thus developing our unhealthy coping strategies. Before we know it, we have a full-blown negative self-care routine going on, and we haven’t yet developed the skills to enable us to create a new behaviour around our eating patterns. We then begin to implement “diets” into our routine which can add to our ongoing negative relationship with food, as we have yet to learn or understand the impact our emotions are playing in our eating patterns, food is our symptom not the cause.

Although food is the driving symptom, we soon develop further symptoms due to our unhealthy relationship with food. Not only does our waistline increase and our physical health suffer but our self-esteem and confidence diminish, this can increase our anxieties and perpetuate depression leading us to withdraw from our social activities and ultimately affect our day to day life and relationships.

If this sounds familiar, please get in touch. I can provide you with safe and nurturing environment for us to work together to support you to explore your thoughts, feeling and behaviours around your emotional relationship with food. The aim our work together is to enable and empower you to take back control and responsibility for your own positive self-care wellbeing