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Be the change!

We provide a diverse range of holistic support which incorporates Integrative Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which will provide tools to enable you to identify triggers and negative thinking styles and behaviours. We also provide Nutrition and Weight Management Advice which will provide you with expert advice around changing your eating habits.

As human beings we are all complex individuals, who have all had unique life experiences which contribute to all our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Positive or Negative experiences impact us and along with our own life experiences form our beliefs about our self and the world around us. Many of the behaviours we wish to change are behaviours we might use to soothe our emotions. Nothing screams comfort like a favourite food, alcohol or substance which instantly stops us feeling and redirects our thoughts to a place of comfort in that moment.

Every behaviour is a communication be it Negative or Positive and each and every one of us consciously or unconsciously uses our behaviours to communicate our thoughts and feelings. Many of us are unaware of why we do what we do, and others are very aware but struggle to learn new ways of being as they haven’t yet been given the appropriate life tools to enable them to make the changes.

New beginnings and fresh starts are great, but to make sustainable change we first need to understand where our thoughts, feelings and behaviours come from. This can be a real challenge to face as many of us assume we don’t have time to spend on ourselves yet If it was our friend who needed help we would want to know all about them so why not put as much input into our own self-care. You wouldn’t build a house without having strong durable foundations in place. Making life changes within us requires our own foundations to be grounded to ensure we are strong enough for the challenge of sustainable lifestyle changes.

We need to spend time learning about us for US! We need to gain a better understanding of why we do what we do and how we fuel our mind and bodies. We didn’t learn how to over eat, under exercise or drink to excess in a short space of time. We developed these behaviours which have now become habitual in our life’s. For change to be sustainable we need to give our self the same care and attention that we would give to a friend in need and spend time learning about our own individual needs.

Our individual work and our workshops are therapeutic and will provide you with tools and ongoing support to make changes in your emotional well being. Our work incorporates a holistic approach to ensure your mind and body are ready to “Be the Change”  Our sessions are bespoke and tailored to your individual needs. Please “Don`t Suffer in Silence” get in touch for more information.