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Anxiety, Depression & OCD

Anxiety, Depression and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can have a huge impact on our daily lives and can cause us unimaginable distress as they impact not in only our view of self but also our view of the world around us. Negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours can lead us to withdraw from our current lives and can affect our relationships with our loved ones and also negatively impact our professional and personal relationships due to our ongoing internal battle to make sense of our experience.

Living negatively in our heads can be an extremely lonely and painful experience which is difficult for the wider world to understand if they themselves have not experienced how debilitating and soul destroying emotional pain can be. Communicating our emotional distress can also add to an already challenging time , as we may struggle to explain our thoughts feelings and behaviours which can them lead us to display negative behaviours such as anger, frustration or indeed we may just withdraw from the world which can be extremely difficult for our loved ones to understand.
Please don’t suffer in silence, if this sounds familiar, please get in touch. I can provide you with safe and nurturing environment for us to work together to support you to explore your thoughts, feeling and behaviours around your current experiences. The aim our work together is to enable and empower you to take back control and responsibility for your own positive self-care and wellbeing