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New Beginnings Confidently YOU

Is a Psychoeducational workshop developed to support women to gain a better understanding of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The session is 2.5 hours and incorporates experiential learning – maximum 8 Participants. The workshop enables participants to have time just for them!

The workshop explores causes of low self-esteem and the reasons we can be more susceptible to low mood, the workshop also focuses on the impact of anxiety and depression on all areas of our lives.

What our participants say –

“Have a much clearer understanding of how my thoughts affect how I behave and how my thoughts are not necessarily the truth/reality. Hopeful that thoughts can be changed, to stop unhelpful behaviours.”

“It`s helped me try to feel better about myself.”

“Changed way of thinking.”

“Helped me feel less alone by hearing other people`s stories and experiences.”

“Allowed me to see things from a different perspective. Made me change and understand how I think and see things.”

“It helps me see how I feel about myself and talk about myself more instead keeping in, it
made me think about my anxiety more. This workshop has helped so far”

“Have more confidence in myself, not comparing myself to others.”