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Inspirationally YOU – It`s your time to Shine

Inspirationally YOU – It`s YOUR time to Shine Is the Follow-on Course from New Beginnings. The workshop focuses on enabling and empowering participants to make positive changes in their current life situations.

The workshops will provide tools to enable participants to gain a better understanding of their emotional wellbeing. Once participants can make sense of their thought’s feelings and behaviours, it helps them make sense of their world.

What our Participants say –

“The course makes you aware of thoughts, behaviours & feelings are normal and shared by others it`s not just you. Enjoyed working with the team it made me more aware of my

“It was nice to chat to others about our lives and feelings and to hear about why we do the things we do through habit and the way we think and feel. Nice that you can get creative
also with mood boards etc.”

  “Rather emotional course, very good for seeing visually how much strength you have and how your hard work pays off without realising it. Valerie was amazing – easy to engage with. Highly recommend”

 “It has made me understand how unhelpful thoughts and behaviours can be broken down and looked at, then goals set to reach more helpful thoughts and behaviours. Valerie gave everyone the chance to talk and share experiences, which is very helpful for the quieter participants. The creative board was particularly therapeutic, with a good variety of materials to use. The 2 sessions had a good atmosphere with everyone feeling at ease. To sum up the sessions helped me to think positively and gave me tools to do that. It was also helpful hearing the other participants experiences as we all shared similar feelings and realised it is part of being human. Valerie, again, explained things well, was empathetic and kind.