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About Retrain Your Brain

Our Retrain your Brain Mood Food workshops have evolved through a sheer labour of love from our passion around learning about our emotions, well-being and our love of all thing’s food!

FOOD plays such an integral part in all our life’s not only to sustain our very being but to nourish our SOUL and in many instances to soothe our human experiences. Over the years we have been fortunate to work within many communities. Through our work we have learned a great deal about how we use external means to soothe our emotional pain whether it be alcohol, drugs, gambling, or other self-destructive behaviours which we use to cope with our everyday lives.

We have been in communities where food at times has either been plentiful or limited. Yet regardless of means, FOOD like most external products which we put into our bodies has the potential to cause us real harm when we abuse and use it in any other way than as a food source to fuel our bodies and minds. Food then becomes our issue and focus, in society the guilt and blame which accompanies our eating habits is indeed shameful! Very rarely do people eat vast amounts of food because they are hungry. We then get into a cycle of behaviours which affect out thoughts and feelings and ultimately our day to day life’s, our view of our self and our relationships with others.

We cannot underestimate the impact FOOD has on our minds and bodies when we abuse it. Our mental health which is key to every area of our life functioning is massively affected not only by our view of self but also the affects certain foods have inducing our anxiety and perpetuating our depression. Which as we know when we have experienced any type of emotional pain it is a very isolating place and a very difficult place to get ourselves out off. Currently in Ayrshire 70% of the population who are middle aged are overweight – 70% of women and 80% of men. The overall impact on our health is massive and it is ultimately OUR responsibility to make changes. Of course, we all know this, but it is very difficult to know where to begin, and it is very scary to take the first step to make change especially when we have been unable to sustain change in the past. This is where we would like to work with you to enable you to make sustainable change. We will go BACK to BASICS to support you to make sense of YOU and YOUR experiences.

What our participants say –

“This workshop is different as when you go on a course you don’t always get involved. This course has made me look at myself and my health. I can now say I know what I am doing wrong and can fix it with work we have done on the course. You don’t always get a chance to think about your own feelings and behaviours, but this course makes you think and helps you to do things to change your lifestyle”

 “It`s a good course to help you learn tools to be able to cope without using food as a comfort / coping mechanism”

 “It`s made me slow down and look at my thoughts and feelings before I start on the automatic behaviour. It helped me identify how I was feeling and why I am using food to comfort and soothe. It has helped me stop some automatic behaviours and change my reactions to stress and difficult situations”

 “I have a better understanding on how food effects my mood, but more so I know it is a journey now and will take time”

 “This course was explained in detail, the presenters were able to share their journey. To which clients could relate and share our experience, honesty is the best policy to get through the group…. It helps you let go and get a better understanding of why and how you feel low. My mindset has changed about how I look at food, moods, wellbeing. ”

  “It was completely about the individual and what would help each one of us. Dieting was not talked about it was healthy eating”

 “I have been to every slimming club that was invented and gained more from these three sessions about healthy eating. The group were lovely. The presenters were just great and treated us as individuals. I would recommend this course really highly. Thank you so so much Valerie & Claire”