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Retrain Your Brain Mood Food – Bite Size Session

The aim of the workshop is to enhance participants knowledge around their relationship with food. The workshop has a maximum of ten attendees per session and is 2.5 hours. Both CBT and Nutrition are incorporated into the sessions to enable participants to learn how their Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours link into the food they eat, and the impact food has on their health and wellbeing.

What our participants say –

“It has made me think about what I am putting in my body and giving my children. Whether food could directly correlate with mood and anxiety. Nobody has explained that we may have learned these patterns early on. The course is new and exciting. I want more”

“Focus thinking – not attended anything CBT before”

 “provides food for thought (Sorry) regarding eating and wellbeing issues”

Gave me plenty to think about very informative”

 “It was different as it was interactive which I like. It has made me think more about how what I am eating effects my feelings and has encouraged me to make better choices”

 “Interesting and thought provoking”

“It was simple to understand”

 “Although I am already aware of what I should do, I now feel that I need to look more at the reasons and how to change those habits

 “Bite size is a great starter but would like more sessions”

 “This was just a taster the CBT element would be very useful”

“Allowed the ability to realise issues and problems I have within myself, made me excited to actually, “check in” with myself and my thoughts, feelings and emotions!”

 “Addresses relevant issues”

“Food for thought – Pardon the pun”

 “It really made me think about my relationship with food”

“I`m intrigued to find out more. I think I will be contacting you to see if we can learn more. Thank you for coming. It was very interesting and eager to learn more”

 “It provides a nice insight into the thought process/learned behaviours behind eating”

  “I found it informative and valuable”

 “Fun and informative”

  “Course was extremely interactive and useful. Allowed me to look into myself and the issues I have.100% thought the course was useful and made as informal and adaptable as possible – Thank you so much!”