Retrain YOUR Brain – Mood Food Experience

Feedback from Retrain YOUR Brain – Mood Food Workshop

We would like to share some feedback from one of the participants who recently attended our workshop. We are delighted our time together has enabled this lovely lady to make positive changes in her life. Developing the workshop to ensure it empowers change and enables those who attend, to take back Ownership and Responsiblity for their own wellbeing, has been a real labour of love for us…… Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!

“Having been to numerous group/classes and tried everything from hypnotherapy to shakes. In desperate measures to control my weight issue. My weight has fluctuated all my adult life depending on what challenges I was going through. I seen an advert for “Retrain your Brain “which intrigued me as the concept of the course incorporated, how we eat and how it connects to thoughts and emotions. I decided to go on this course which was 3 days committed to understanding the links between our behaviours and food.

I was surprised at how much the course entailed. The information taught provoked my thinking on how, when and why I eat. The course is about our individual lifestyle and our patterns created from our life experience this affecting our thoughts and beliefs around food. During the course I learned my triggers to why I emotionally eat, habits, challenging thoughts and most of all how I could make small changes that would impact on my lifestyle and health. This involved a structured way in setting goals and how I could make changes and achieve them. Within the first week it was emotionally challenging as it was about facing why I sabotage myself and understanding why I choose to eat or drink certain foods and not opt for healthier options.

The course is well structured with professional advice and support. This is a lifestyle change that has helped me sleep better, eat healthy which has raised my energy levels. My confidence and self-belief that I am in control and have tools that help me daily to meet the challenges that can present in daily life. This is reinforced with knowledge I have been taught, bringing together evidence-based food information and getting rid of “what should I eat?” confusion from media/diet plans and myths around food.

I didn’t realise how food can impact on your mood. Having anxiety and depression for years I hadn’t realised I was contributing to these with what I was eating and drinking. I learned how I could make small changes which I have implemented to help alleviate my symptoms. The course has taught me the link between mental health and food. This has allowed me to shed weight naturally without focusing on the number on the scales. My clothes are looser, and I feel so much better within myself. I am realising I have mental clarity and feeling de-stressed as the food knowledge has helped overall with my mental wellbeing.

This course has been so much more than I expected it has taught me so much about myself and my habits. It has helped me also personally and professionally set goals in other areas of my life to make positive changes. I feel I have regained structure in my life that has a beneficial effect on my family.

Having felt like I failed in the past with many “diets” plans having done so many the information became obscured and I realise I didn’t know what to eat to be healthy and fuel my body. At Retrain your Brain I was made to feel so welcome and accepted, as they get to understand your own individual needs they tailor the course in such a way that it is personal to you and support you with knowledge and guidance, teaching you about lifelong lifestyle changes that help you live your best life feeling positive about the future.”

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