Inspirationally YOU!



Sea – Someone Else`s Addiction

We have been fortunate to spend time with the lovely women at Someone Else`s Addiction (SEA) delivering two of our workshops.

SEA is an amazing community group which provides much needed emotional and practical support to family members affected by a loved one`s addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling. Julie Biggley and the team of volunteers at SEA have worked tirelessly over the last couple of years to ensure the group continues to provide this much needed support throughout Ayrshire. The group has faced many challenges and indeed were without a solid base until recently. A local businessman has very kindly offered the group, their current premises rent free in Kilmarnock for a year. The group have turned the empty premises into a warm and nurturing environment. Where there is always a warm welcome and a cheery smile to ensure you feel supported.

Over two days we delivered our Confidently YOU and Inspirationally YOU workshops – both contain many valuable tools and lessons on the importance of self-care and valuing YOU as the beautiful individual you are. We used Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tools throughout our two days together to enable and empower the women to reconnect to the strength and value they have within themselves.

We used guided discovery to enable the women to share their thoughts and feelings around many experiences and challenges they have faced and overcome. We were in total awe of the strength of the women and the resilience they have shown throughout many ongoing challenges and especially during times of loss and bereavement of family members. Experiences of Anxiety, Depression and Isolation were discussed throughout our time together and the group provided support and validation for everyone’s experience, which was just lovely to see the women support each other.  We worked alongside the women to provide a nurturing environment and used experiential learning to enable them to gain a better understanding around our Thoughts Feelings and Behaviours and discussed environmental factors which impact our mood. This helped to empower the women to discuss their individual aspirations for the future and to enable them to implement plans for the changes they wish to make in their life’s.  Working over the two days we were able to support the women to reconnect with their SPARKLE! (Which each one had in abundance!)

Here at Dynamic Diamond we would like to thank the women for their time, trust. openness and fun. Although we covered some tough stuff and deep heart break, our two days were filled with kindness, care  and compassion from everyone who attended.

THANK YOU Ladies YOU truly were Inspirational.x