Sunday 18th November 2018


Back to Basics – Mood Food Event

The event will showcase a range of local businesses which provide a wealth of experience in Health & Wellbeing.

We have organised this event, to support people to make positive changes in their life’s. It can be difficult to access fitness and wellbeing when you have not been before or indeed you may have struggled to find the right place or the person suitable to your individual needs. Also, when we know we need to make change but for many reasons we don’t implement it. This can have a huge impact on our mood and our confidence, which then becomes a further barrier that stops us trying new things.

Here at Dynamic Diamond we have spent time over the last month or so going out and about getting to know what is in the local area. We have met some really hard-working folk who are all trying really hard to make a difference to the lives of the people they work with. There is a wealth of knowledge within our local area and we are looking forward to Sunday for everyone to share their skills and knowledge with you. The Event will also provide an opportunity for you to meet, chat, and sample some of the products on offer to help you make informed choices about the changes you would like to make.

We will also have the opportunity to tell you about the wide range of services we provide, to help you make positive changes in all aspects of your Emotional and Physical Wellbeing. We are looking forward to meeting you!