New Beginnings – Confidently YOU!

Our New Begiinings – Confidently YOU workshop is developed to support women to gain a better understanding of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The workshop enables you to have time just for YOU! Sometimes we can forget about ourselves as we are so busy helping, sorting, planning and taking care of others emotional needs we forget how important we really are.

The workshop is about you and for YOU! As women we can spend so much of our time and money on how we look, attending to our physical appearance. Our makeup, hair, nails and  fake tan can indeed be the mask we hide behind because we are so unsure of who we are or who we were really meant to be before life happened to us!

At times when our confidence is low, or life has been tough not only are we more susceptible to low mood, but we can also develop symptoms of anxiety and depression which then impacts on other areas of our lives.

The 3 Key Elements the workshop will focus on are

Self Awareness

Self Esteem

Thinking Styles

The workshop will provide tools to enable you to gain a better understanding of YOU. Once we make sense of our thought’s feelings and behaviours, it helps us make sense of our world. Which then enables us to feel better about ourselves and empowers us to be the best we can be!

The 3 Key Elements which the workshop will provide will be to –

Enhance your mood

Raise your awareness of your Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours

Ensure you have FUN and time just YOU!

The workshop is facilitated by a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and a Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor. The learning style we provide is experiential and is individual to you and what you need from the workshop.

This is YOUR time for you to invest in …. because YOU are so worth it!

To book your place  please contact 07988734581 or Email