Be the Change

How’s the dreaded new year “DIET” going? we dread the word “DIET” because for too many of us it represents suffering, heartache and a merry go round of emotional pain and self-denial, when we know from the get-go a diet is setting us up to fail because they are unsustainable in the long term.  Yet habitually every New Year and Summer time we dust off our “DIET” books and menu plans…and before we even question why we are back here again in the same miserable position or even worse than when we started. We get back on the merry go round and off we go again!

At Dynamic Diamond we believe in life change. By this we mean we all have the capacity to change but we all know as individuals we struggle to make changes. This is not because we can’t, it’s because we haven’t been given the right tools to make the changes. We specialise in working with both your body and mind. Very few people we meet, who are on the merry go round are on it because they are hungry! Although many people constantly tell us “I know what I should be eating” so why are you struggling to implement change because surely once we know what we should be doing we should be sorted?  If it was only that easy!

Change is complex and we totally understand how difficult it is maintaining new ways of being. Work with us and we can provide you with the tools for you to make life changes which are sustainable and specific to you and your individual lifestyle. We will enable and empower you to be your very own life changer. We do not want you to be our merry go round client who we meet seasonally! We want you to work with us to take back ownership and responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.  We will support you to achieve your specific individual goals to ensure both your body and mind are ready to be your very own life changer!

Please look over our website to learn more about Our Retrain YOUR Brain – Mood Food and other specific therapeutic workshops we provide and the individual Therapeutic & Nutritional Support we provide. Please get in touch for a chat