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Scott Dickson – Crossfit Bia 2.0

Some feedback about CROSSFIT BIA 2.0


“If your thinking of trying Crossfit this is a great place to head, Scott really knows his stuff and all the members are so friendly. There are lots of different class times and the workouts are tough but fun (and there are always options if your not quite a pro like me!). I’ve been working in the area and do Crossfit back home and after a week of training at this gym I would happily come again! Thanks guys!”

“Not like any other place to train in kilmarnock.

“Place where everyone helps everyone else. No gym posers. A place to get sweaty and have fun at the same time. All about the community and good friends. Dont be scared give it a go.”

“Top instructors and friendly folk. Different levels for different abilities and form always in check. Nervous about being the newbie but every person in the box is helpful. No egos here just good old fashioned training. If you’re thinking about trying CrossFit you won’t get better than here.”