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Bodyshop – Caroline Jones


Hi, I am Caroline and I am a Bodyshop at Home Consultant.  I am based in Kilmarnock but I have customers spread all over, even as far as Bristol and Leicester!  I started my journey with The Bodyshop at Home only 2 months ago and it was absolutely the right time to join!  It has been manic with the release of our Christmas range which is always popular but I am loving it.  I decided to join for 3 reasons…

  1. I am getting married in August next year and even though I told myself it was going to be small and on a budget it hasn’t quite planned out like that!  The commission I have earned so far is going towards all the special little extras I have my heart set on.
  2. I have loved The Bodyshop for as long as I can remember.  Dewberry was the thing when I was at High School!  I must have chocked everyone with the amount I used to pour on myself!  So anyway, I thought “Even if I don’t sell a lot, at least I’ll get all the free products!”  The freebies are amazing and getting paid to use them is just the best job ever.
  3. The Bodyshop’s ethical background….No testing on animals……COTE (Children on the Edge) charity.  All these things make a difference and make The Bodyshop stand out from the crowd.  It makes me feel proud to be part of that.

Please come and say hello on the 18th November,  I will have loads of our lovely products for you to sample or even order if you fancy giving yourself a pamper.  We are always looking to make our team bigger and better so if you think maybe The Bodyshop at Home is something you could do then give me a shout and I will give you all the info!

Thank you!

Caroline Jones

Facebook page: Caroline’s Bodyshop @ Home


Mobile: 07720226977