Let`s Make It Better – Sunlite Cafe

In the last few months we have been very fortunate to spend time with some lovely people. On our travels we met Shelley who is the Project Coordinator at Lets Make It Better – Sunlite Cafe in Stirling. Shelley told us about the work of the cafe and about working with Dynamic Diamond.

Making changes can be really difficult and Shelley herself admits she had become comfortable and did find change quite difficult. We worked with Shelley to help her discuss her fears and also to help Shelley see not only her own potential but also  the benefits change would make within the cafe. Shelley found it quite difficult at first but the more time we spent together the more Shelley grew to trust  not only us but also the changes we were enabling Shelley, her staff and volunteers to make.  Shelley is very open and honest about her thoughts and feelings about the process we worked on together.

As Shelley`s confidence in the process grew, and she became aware of positive changes in her own behaviour and also her staff and volunteers. Shelley really embraced making changes within the cafe. Shelley discusses her thoughts and feelings about the difference working along with Dynamic Diamond has made to the Cafe, herself, her  staff and volunteers.

Shelley, her staff team and volunteers have been lovely to work with and it has been great to see them start to make positive changes in themselves and their enviroment which all has a positive impact on their emotional wellbeing. Shelley has lots of plans for the future and we look forward to working along side Shelley and her team in the near future.