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Claire Keohone – Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor


My passion for food and nutrition developed at an early age.  My mum was a great home cook and we always enjoyed delicious meals made from scratch! Although tidying up after her tasty creations was always a mammoth task!!!

My career has been spent working between the public and private sector, gaining knowledge in all different aspects of the food industry. During my career I have worked with children and young people in both residential and educational settings. This gave me a huge insight into healthy eating and how food made a big impact on our children’s life’s both at school and within their home life. I gained a greater understanding of the importance of a well-balanced diet and the need to educate not only our children but also the wider community.

Later in my career I worked within community projects where at first hand I witnessed that food was not always readily available to all and people’s perception of health eating would have financial constraints attached to them. Working closely with different people and families I learned that some don’t have the facilities to cook or they may have the difficult decision to either choose between heating their home or  buy food for themselves. This inspired me to further enhance my skills and develop my knowledge around not only the impact of nutrition on our health but also our mental health.

Through developing my skills and learning it became apparent that what we consume to fuel our bodies has a huge impact on our emotional wellbeing. This enabled me to understand how food can impact in either a positive or negative way on our wellbeing which affects our daily lives.

Unlike other addictions such as cigarettes & alcohol which can be totally removed from your day to day life, food unfortunately can’t. This is one of the reasons we need to build a healthier relationship with food and our eating habits.

Our work together

Within our sessions I will provide you with a safe and nurturing environment .Working closely with you to change those habits and create a more rejuvenated you.  By making small behavioural changes towards food can have a huge impact on how we cope with getting through our hectic lifestyles. We are all so busy looking after others why do we not look after ourselves? Identifying the reason why, will help you engage in making better choices to lead that healthier lifestyle you deserve. 


 Areas we can work on together                                        

  •  General Nutrition and weight Management advice
  •  Nutrition for Sport and Exercise
  •  Pre and Postnatal nutrition
  •  Childhood Nutrition & Obesity prevention.
  •  Cooking skills
  •  Recipes
  •  Portion control

Positive changes – you will have

  • Greater mental clarity
  • Increased self confidence
  • Enhanced body confidence
  • Develop skills to make positive informed choices

Mood changes – you will feel

  • Motivated
  • Energised
  • In control
  • Happier

Relevant Qualifications

  • ONC in Hospitality & Catering
  • Advanced Food Hygiene Diploma
  • SVQ in Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Management

We currently deliver various Self Esteem, Well-being & Nutrition Workshops, including Retrain Your Brain – Mood Food which provides Psycho-education around anxiety and food. (Please visit our Workshop & Retrain YOUR Brain sections for further information


Initial Assessment – is £40.00 and consists of two individual 60 minute sessions, this includes a one week meal plan.

Please contact us for more information.