Adoption is viewed as a positive and fulfilling experience through which a child in need gains a permanent and stable home with a family who are keen to have them. The process of adoption, however, is formed of trauma and loss for those involved.

Adoption is a lifelong journey for each party in the triad, yet the experience is so unique to each and every member of the adoption community. That it can be difficult for the wider world to understand the trauma and loss which can be experienced, and how it can impact all areas of the lives of the adoptee, the birth family and the adoptive family.

A mother relinquishing her child which, regardless of the circumstances, must be one of the most traumatic experiences in a woman’s life, and can often leave a father who may have never seen his own child.

The child is relinquished into an unfamiliar sensory world, through which they must then navigate their life journey while losing their biological connection to their first contact in the world: their birth mother. The adoptive family, who may have experienced their own trauma and loss through their experiences, endeavour to complete their family. This has led them to adoption. They may struggle to make sense of their own thoughts and feelings throughout their lives and over the following years.

Adult Adoptees

Adult adoptees, lives can be a myriad of the positive and negative, and their experiences don’t always sit comfortably side by side or fit into the popular narrative. I understand that you may wish to explore your thoughts and feelings around your experience and to do so in a safe space, free of judgement. I am aware, that many experiences in your life can make you question your identity and view of self in the world and those around you, especially around relationships and the need to have a sense of belonging

Birth Parents

The loss of your child can leave you with lifelong trauma. I understand the struggle of emotions and searching which you may have experienced. I am also aware you may have had to keep your experience a secret. It can be extremely difficult to hide your loss from the world and continue with your day-to-day life.

Adoptive Parents

You may have experienced much emotional pain in your journey to adopt, and I understand how challenging it can be to make sense of your child’s experience, as they try to navigate their way in their new way of being within your family.

Regardless where you are in the adoption community, I understand it can be a challenging path to walk. The lifelong impacts such as trauma, loss, identity, reunion, relationships and the effect it has on those within the adoption triad is an experience that should be heard and validated. I can provide you with a safe, nurturing, therapeutic environment to support you to make sense of your individual experience. We can work together at a level and pace suitable to your individual needs to enable and empower you to make sense of your life story.