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Forget You Not Massage

We are very fortunate to have an independent Massage Therapist based within Dynamic Diamond Consultancy, as this enhances the holistic approach we provide. Below is some information from Lorna on the services she provides.

“My name is Lorna and I am the owner of “Forget You Not massage”. I started my massage career 3 years ago, working towards obtaining my remedial and sports qualification to assist my then partners back issues.

My aim is to provide a massage service which is affordable to most people, breaking the stigma that massage is a luxury. Regular massage, can assist with pain management, assist in detoxing the body, increase circulation, as well as aiding relaxation to name but a few benefits.


As not all people are comfortable undressing for a stranger, I offer a varied range of treatments with some where you are not required to undress. During an Indian head massage, I work over the clients clothing, massaging upper back and arms and then spend time massaging neck, cranium and face, oil can be applied to the client’s hair if they request it but it is not a requirement. Reflexology again is a treatment where the client does not need to undress. I offer hand and foot reflexology. All the major parts of the body are mirrored in both the hands and feet, if an area becomes out of balance working the reflex of that area can assist in bringing the body back into equilibrium and boost relaxation.

Please check my Facebook page for offers and updates.”